Does Bamboo Airways Have WiFi & Internet?

Founded in 2017, Bamboo Airway is a well-renowned Vietnamese airline company serving international and domestic flights to 29 destinations.

As  Bamboo Airways is quite new in the aviation industry, it does not have inflight wifi on any of its flights yet. But to keep the passengers entertained on long-haul flights, Bamboo Airways uses advanced wireless technology that gives passenger access to their entertainment library for free. 

An Overview of Bamboo Airways

Name Bamboo Airways
Parent CompanyFLC Group
Headquater Hanoi, Vietnam
Main HubNoi Bai International AirportTan Son Nhat International Airport.
Inflight Wi-FiNo
Inflight EntertainmentYes
Paid wifi packages No
Passenger Destinations29
Operating Aircraft29
Social MediaFacebook

Bamboo Airways Inflight Wi-Fi:

None of the Bamboo Airways are equipped to provide inflight wifi service. Currently, Bamboo Airways does not offer onboard internet services on any of their flights. The airlines announced that they would follow the hybrid airline model which means they would ensure standard service while keeping the price low. Bamboo Airways did not announce any news about including inflight wifi in their service.

Bamboo Airways Inflight Entertainment:

Bamboo Airways has partnered with Touch Aero and Airfi Aero to provide an onboard entertainment system called Bamboo Sky.

Bamboo Airways implemented advanced wireless network technology to form its own entertainment system which is only offered on international flights.

Passengers can enjoy more than 100 movies, tv shows, and music for free using their own mobile or laptop without any internet access. To have access to the entertainment library of Bamboo Airways, simply follow the steps:

  • Turn on wifi on your device 
  • Search for the SSID “Airfi”
  • Connect to the network
  • Open your default browser and the portal of Bamboo Sky will appear automatically 
  • Enjoy your favorite movie and relax!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Bamboo Airways have inflight wifi?

There is no inflight wifi service on any of Bamboo Airways’s international or domestic flights.

Is there any paid internet packages on Bamboo Airways flights?

Bamboo Airways does not offer paid internet packages on any of their flights

Can I stream Netflix on Bamboo Airways flights?

You can not stream Netflix onboard. But Bamboo Airways has its own entertainment library for international passengers. If you are flying on long-haul flights you can stream more than 100 movies on Bamboo Airways’s inflight entertainment portal for free.

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