Does Avelo Airlines Have Wi-Fi in 2024?

Avelo Airlines is a low-cost carrier service, but despite its low price, it is a 19-year-old service with well-maintained jets. Many people prefer this airline because they can save money as its fares are low compared to most other airlines. But due to its low cost, some high maintenance services like Wi-Fi are unavailable on the fleets. 

As many customers’ common concern is the broadband connection of the airline they choose, it is also a common concern of Avelo Airline’s customers. But it’s sad news from Avelo airlines that not a single aircraft of Avelo Airlines offers in-flight Wi-Fi. But due to the high demand for inflight Wi-Fi, they plan to add this service to some of their aircraft.

Does Avelo Airlines Have Wi-Fi?

Avelo Airlines is a domestic carrier service provider in the United States. Due to the short duration of domestic flights and the low fare they try to offer as the ticket price to their customers, no Wi-Fi service is available in any aircraft this airline owns. 

But the authority is planning to bring paid broadband service in some of the aircraft within 2023. The Boeing 737s will be featuring this Wi-Fi service also tv screens behind the seats if this plan goes according to plan.

Future Plan of Installing Avelo Wi-Fi

As the demand for inflight internet connection is increasing day by day amongst customers, it has become a concern for the authority of Avelo Airlines.  Avelo’s vice president of customer experience mentioned the matter saying, “We haven’t announced more details yet around in-flight internet availability, but we do plan to offer this to our customers in the future. We plan to charge a nominal fee for internet access to simply recoup the cost of operating this service but this is not profit-driven”.

So the customers can have the hope of using an inflight broadband connection at a cheap price while paying a low cost for the flights.

Avelo Airlines Inflight Entertainment

There is no inflight entertainment available on the flights of Avelo Airlines. But customers have no problem with it because of the short duration of their flight and the low cost of air tickets. 

Avelo Airlines Aircrafts and WiFi

AircraftsWi-Fi Availability 
Boeing 737-700Not Available
Boeing 737-800Not Available

Avelo Airlines Overview

Airline Name Avelo Airlines
Founding Year1987
HeadquarterHouston, TX
Customer Helpline1 (346) 616-9500
Wi-Fi serviceNot Available 
Wi-Fi ProviderNot Available 


1.  Do we get free inflight Wi-Fi on Avelo Airlines?

Avelo Airlines doesn’t provide its customers with any kind of broadband connection facility. So, you cannot get free Wi-Fi while being on the aircraft of Avelo Airlines. 

2. Which Aircraft of Avelo Airlines offer free Wi-Fi?

Currently, no aircraft of Avelo Airlines Have the facility of free Wi-Fi to provide to their customers. But authorities will soon install free Wi-Fi facilities on some of their flights to some specific high-demanding destinations.

Final Words

I hope you have satisfied all your queries about Avelo Airlines’ inflight Wi-Fi and entertainment service. As there is no Wi-Fi service or inflight entertainment on their flights, I suggest you bring your favorite books or magazines to keep yourself busy during the flight. 

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