Denver Airport Wi-Fi & Internet | DEN Wi-Fi Guide 2023

Round-the-clock WiFi internet access is vital for everyone, especially for business travellers who contribute the bulk of airlines’ revenues. Consequently, many airports ensure they offer free high-speed WiFi access, like in Denver International Airport (DIA).

The Denver International Airport (DEN), locally known as DIA, is the third airport worldwide with the most passenger traffic. It brings the most revenue to Colorado State.

In addition to its busyness, the DEN also occupies second place in the world’s widest airport ranking by landmass.

The DEN’s WiFi

The DEN is reputably one of the airports with the most WiFi speed in the US. Its WiFi consistently maintains a position as one of the speediest airport WiFi. 

According to a 2019 yearly survey performed by Ookla, an internet speed test company, DEN’s WiFi ranked seventh place in the list of fastest airport WiFi in the US and Canada. It achieved this position with a mean upload speed of 92.52 Mbps and a mean download speed of 88.47 Mbps.

The airport’s WiFi has two different SSIDs, – DEN Airport Free WiFi and DEN Airport Free WiFi 2.4, catering for 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz devices, respectively.

Passengers can chat, browse, stream movies from Netflix, or better still, download their favourite videos using the fast WiFi at the DEN.

Cost Of DEN Airport WiFi

The Colorado-based airport offers unlimited stream-quality WiFi throughout its vicinity for a great price – FREE!

That’s right! No matter where you are at the airport, you can freely access unlimited WiFi internet access. It also comes with zero ads and passwords.

Connecting To The DEN WiFi

Connecting to the DEN’s WiFi is simple and does not require logging into any account or watching any video. Travellers and visitors can connect using any Wi-Fi-supported mobile device like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Follow these steps:

  • Activate your device’s WiFi.
  • Select either of the two SSIDs: – DEN Airport Free WiFi OR DEN Airport Free WiFi 2.4.
  • Then, Connect.
  • You can now access the WiFi.

If you are experiencing problems connecting to the free WiFi at DEN, please try shutting off and re-enabling your wireless connection. If it does not resolve the issue, please visit their WiFi page, fill out and submit the form at the end of the page.

Best Places To Enjoy Free WiFi In The DEN

  • USO Colorado – located within the TSA Checkpoint on Level 4 in Concourse A.
  • Courtyard by Marriott Denver Airport – address at 6901 Tower Road (69th and Tower), Denver, CO.
  • Elway’s –  Steakhouse at Concourse B (at DEN Airport).
  • Lounge 5280 Wine Bar – Concourse B (at DEN Airport).

Commonly Asked Questions

Does Denver Airport (DEN) Offer Free WiFi?

Yes. The International Airport at Denver, Colorado, offers stream-quality WiFi for free.

What Is The Speed Of The DEN WiFi?

Ranked one of the speediest airport WiFi, it has a mean upload speed of 92.52 Mbps and a mean download speed of 88.47 Mbps.

What Is The WiFi Name At DEN?

The Denver Airport has two WiFi SSIDs: – DEN Airport Free WiFi and DEN Airport Free WiFi 2.4.

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