Can You Take Deodorant On A Plane? Answered Your Confusions!

Deodorant is a commonly used item during traveling because no one wants a stinky and gross feeling. Sometimes, you may require the Deodorant’s double dose to refresh yourself in a hot, stuffy plane. Carrying Deodorant with you on your trip is a good start. But the question is, ”Can you take Deodorant on a plane?

The answer is yes, you can. In your carry-on bag and checked baggage both, you can take the Deodorant. But there are some restrictions on it. You can take stick deodorants in any size in your carry-on bags and checked luggage.

Unfortunately, if you bring spray, liquid, gel, pastes, cream & roll-on Deodorants with you on a plane, there are a few limitations. You can’t bring any of these deodorants of more than 100 milliliters or 3.4 ounces in size.

Today’s guide will explain everything, including which type of Deodorant you can take on the plane, in which size, and its rules. Without further ado, let’s get going into the main discussion:

Can You Take Deodorant On A Plane?

Deodorant is a crucial hygiene product. The good news is, fortunately, you can take Deodorant on a plane. But there are certain restrictions.

If you are checking a bag, then in your checked baggage, you can always place deodorants. Before flying, you must know what hygiene products you can bring with you and what not.

Otherwise, if you don’t meet the guidelines, the TSA agents will force you to dispose of your items. So to avoid having this experience, we recommend you review the correct instructions for your Deodorant.

What Are The Deodorant Types?

Different forms of Deodorant are available. But traveling with all types of Deodorant isn’t easy. The reason is some types are subject to limitations while others aren’t.

For instance, you can easily take classic stick deodorant on a plane with you as it has no restrictions. You can pack any size of stick deodorant to take with you.

On the contrary, the semi-liquid and liquids-type deodorants are subject to limitations. Nonetheless, the stick deodorant’s popular alternatives are:

  • Deodorant cream
  • Roll-on deodorants
  • Deodorant paste
  • Gel deodorant
  • Aerosol or spray Deodorant

What Type of Deodorant Can You Take On A Plane?

You can take the following types of Deodorant on a plane:

i. Stick Deodorant

Luckily you can take any size stick deodorant on the plane with you. Almost any size is ok to use. Crystals and powders are also allowed to be brought. You can put your solid antiperspirant in your carry-on bags and checked luggage.

ii. Spray, Liquid, Gel, Pastes, Cream & Roll-on Deodorants

If you want to use gel, spray, cream, liquid, roll-on deodorants, or pastes, you must bring all these in containers. Whatever type of Deodorant you bring, its size should be within 3.4 ounces. On top of that, by placing this type of Deodorant in a clear baggie, you can bring it.

You can put the spray deodorants in your hand luggage if its size is less than 100 milliliters. If you take an aerosol spray, irrespective of its button or nozzle release, you must cover it with a cap or similar things to protect its accidental release.

Following the 3-1-1 rule, you can also put the roll-on deodorants in your carry-on luggage. For bringing the cologne, the same rule will be applicable. Whether you take perfume, liquid cologne, or any other toiletries in your bag, it mustn’t exceed 100 milliliters or 3.4 ounces in size.

What Are The Rules of Bringing Deodorant On A Plane?

You have to follow certain rules if, in your carry-on bag, you want to put a travel-sized deodorant. Here are the rules:

3-1-1 Rules

The 3-1-1 rule is the most important among all the rules. According to this rule, one passenger can bring gels, liquids, or aerosols in 1 quart-sized bag in a container. Most importantly, this 1-quart Deodorant’s size should be within 100 milliliters or 3.4 ounces.

TSA (American Transportation Security Administration) has coined the term 3-1-1 rule. But if you take a flight from the UK, EU countries, or the rest of the world, then this rule is valid also. Remember, the airport officer decides whether you can bring an item through the checkpoint.


You can bring one Deodorant in a sealable plastic or toiletries bag. If you safely store all liquids within your travel-size bag, then the security offers won’t be strict about your bag’s size.


Can I take Deodorant on a plane in checked luggage?

Yes! On a plane, in your checked luggage, you can take Deodorant. Its capacity shouldn’t exceed 3.4 ounces.

Is solid Deodorant considered a liquid when flying?

No! When flying, solid deodorants like powder, stick, and crystal aren’t considered liquids. Legally you can carry any size sold Deodorant on the plane.

Can you take Deodorant in hand luggage or a suitcase?

Yes! Subject to certain restrictions, you can carry solid and liquid Deodorant in the suitcase or hand luggage.

Final Take

Hopefully, after going through this detailed guide, you get the answer to your question, “Can you take deodorant on a plane?” We’ve already explained you can take Deodorant on a plane upon specific rules and restrictions.

Whether your flight is canceled or delayed, you may require Deodorant to ensure freshness, even in tough conditions. So before bringing it with you, you must know the Deodorant relevant rules to make your travel easier.

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