A Tested Guide To American Airlines Wi-Fi in 2024 [Is It FREE?]

Are you worried about meeting up with work or clinching important deals while flying? Then you probably should consider booking American Airlines with its top-speed, satellite-based Wi-Fi aircraft, though it might be a bit pricey.

Established in 1930 with its head office in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, United States, the airline got named by Statista as the world’s largest airline in terms of fleet size, passengers flown, and revenue generated.

It merged with US Airways in December 2013 to expand operations and formed the American Airlines Group (AAG). Its current main fleet of over 904 aeroplanes comprises the Airbus family, Boeing 737 series, Boeing 777-200s, Boeing 777-300ERs, and Boeing 787 Dreamliner (787-8s & 787-9s).

American Airlines operates more than 6,500 daily flights to 350 domestic and international cities in 50 different countries alongside its partner, American Eagle – the regional flight’s operator. It is also a co-founder of the oneworld® alliance, one of the top airline groups in the world.

American Airlines Basic Information

NameAmerican Airlines, Inc.
HeadquartersFort Worth, Texas, U.S
WiFi ProviderGogo, Panasonic, ViaSat
Operating Bases
Dallas–Fort Worth
Los Angeles
New York–JFK
New York–LaGuardia
Phoenix–Sky Harbor

American Airlines Fleets Offering In-flight Wi-Fi Services

American Airlines maintains a large fleet of Boeing and Airbus aeroplanes to support its extensive network.

Passengers can get satellite-based in-flight Wi-Fi provided by either Panasonic, ViaSat, or Gogo, depending on the particular aircraft booked.

International flights are serviced by Panasonic, while Gogo and Viasat cover the rest of the aircraft.

Below is the tabular list of aeroplanes installed with Wi-Fi service and their various service providers:

Internet ProviderNumber Of Equipped Airplanes
GogoAirbus A319 – 93 (from US Airways) Airbus A319 – 5 (from Frontier Airlines) Airbus A320 – 48 Boeing 757 – 5 (Hawaii aircraft)
PanasonicAirbus A330-200 – 15 Airbus A330-300 – 9 Boeing 787-8 – 20 Boeing 777-200 – 47 Boeing 767-300 – 21 Boeing 777-300ER – 20 Boeing 757-200 – 24 Boeing 787-9 – 22 Boeing 772 – 47
ViasatAirbus A319 – 32 (Legacy AA) Airbus A321 – 219 Airbus A321neo – 6 Boeing 737-800 – 304 Boeing 737 MAX – 24

American Airlines Wi-Fi Packages and Prices

In-flight Wi-Fi is available on all international flights and nearly all domestic flights depending on the aircraft.

Buying a Wi-Fi pass ahead of your flight is always cheaper than buying on board. Both pre-flight and onboard Wi-Fi packages are offered on domestic flights, while you can only purchase on board for international flights.

Passengers flying American Airlines have four different options to purchase a Wi-Fi package of their choice. They can visit the American Airlines network portal or the web pages of the three third-party service providers – Gogo, Panasonic, or Viasat.

Via Panasonic: Wi-Fi plans for American Airlines passengers using Panasonic Wi-Fi on domestic flights are as follows:

DurationPrice (in USD)
Two-hour plan$12
Four-hour plan$17
Full-flight plan$19

Via Viasat: Wi-Fiplans for American Airlines passengers using Viasat on domestic routes are as seen below:

DurationPrice (in USD)
One-hour plan$12

Via Gogo: Wi-Fi plans for American Airlines passengers using Gogo on domestic routes are as follows:

DurationPrice (in USD)
All-day pass (valid for 12 months after purchase)$14.00 + tax
Monthly Plan$39.95 + tax

Via American Airlines Network: American Airlines offers top-speed Wi-Fi services as low as $10 onboard domestic routes. The airline also launched an improved American Airlines Wi-Fi payment plan for constant flyers on the 10th of November, 2020.

The redesigned plan replaced Gogo’s monthly payment plan, formerly applicable only on aircraft installed with Gogo and Viasat Wi-Fi service. It included domestic aircraft flying within the United States or flights connecting the United States and Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, or Central America, where Wi-Fi coverage is obtainable.

Now, customers can make payments valid on the three different service providers. i. e. Gogo, Panasonic, and Viasat.

The plan is as seen below:

DurationPrice (in USD)
One-hour plan$10.00
All-day plan$14.00
Monthly Plan(for one device)$49.95 + tax
Monthly plan (for two devices)$59.95 + tax

The carrier later sent out instructions to passengers on a monthly Gogo payment plan to transfer their current payment plan to the new American Airlines Wi-Fi payment plan.

Also, to access this improved payment plan, passengers need to become an AAdvantage® member with an email and credit card bearing a US billing address saved in their AAdvantage® account.

Furthermore,  the American carrier introduced a better in-flight Wi-Fi site to ease the confusion and disparity created by having multiple service providers. The new site offers a unifying front that aids customers in easily purchasing Wi-Fi packages using their  AAdvantage® membership and saved credit card details.

Customers without an AAdvantage® account can go ahead and buy single internet passes as guests.

How To Find Out If Your Flight Offers In-flight Wi-Fi?

To find out if your flight has available Wi-Fi services, check your boarding ticket or check ahead using the following steps:

  • Go to the Wi-Fi and connectivity page to view Does your flight have a Wi-Fi link?
  • Follow the link and input your flight number or route.
  • Look for the Wi-Fi symbol to ascertain if your flight offers Wi-Fi.
  • Flights offering in-flight Wi-Fi have the Wi-Fi symbol all over the compartment.

How To Connect To American Airlines Wi-Fi?

Connect your mobile devices to the onboard Wi-Fi in four simple steps:

  • Set your mobile device to aeroplane mode.
  • Ensure your device’s Wi-Fi is on.
  • Join the “AA-Inflight” hotspot.
  • You will get redirected to the central Wi-Fi portal.
  • If you did not get automatically redirected, go to your device browser and search ‘aainflight.com’
  • Choose “Get online” and log in your AAdvantage® number and password (for AAdvantage® members),
  • For non-members, click on the Wi-Fi plan of your choice to purchase as a guest and enjoy.

Service Providers Of In-flight Wi-Fi On American Airlines

Three different service providers supply in-flight internet to American Airlines. They are:

  • Gogo, an Intelsat company
  • Viasat
  • Panasonic

All three service providers utilize satellite technology to supply top-speed internet connectivity onboard these aircraft.

Gogo uses its speedy 2Ku satellite-based Wi-Fi, Viasat has its Ka-band satellite model, while Panasonic offers its satellite technology.

Passengers often get Panasonic-supplied Wi-Fi aboard international flights, while Gogo and Viasat cover the Wi-Fi-installed domestic aircraft.

American Airlines Wi-Fi Time Frame

The world-giant carrier began offering internet Wi-Fi using Gogo’s air-to-ground Wi-Fi system but has since switched to remodelling its aircraft with satellite-based Wi-Fi. The retrofitting began in mid-2018 and has so far covered over 900 aeroplanes.

In 2016, the Viasat Ka-band system got selected by the airline to outfit its 737 MAX with satellite-based, gate-to-gate Wi-Fi and subsequently to succeed Gogo’s slower ground-based system. The succession concluded on its narrow-body aeroplane previously using Gogo’s ATG model in mid-2019.

Panasonic’s satellite-based Wi-Fi offered gate-to-gate connectivity mainly on the wide-body planes flying international routes.

The airline also enlisted the services of Gogo’s speedy 2Ku satellite-based Wi-Fi on its narrow-body domestic aircraft acquired from US Airways. It also offers gate-to-gate connectivity.

Features Of American Airlines Wi-Fi

  • Wi-Fi service is available on all international flights and nearly all domestic flights.
  • All three service providers supply in-flight Wi-Fi services onboard aeroplanes using top-speed satellite technology.
  • The Wi-Fi offers gate-to-gate connectivity, depending on the particular flight, such that passengers can access it from the moment they board their flight till they land at their destinations.
  • Customers have free access to aa.com via in-flight Wi-Fi.
  • Customers can also stream videos from Netflix, Hulu, and HBO .e.t.c. on the in-flight Wi-Fi service.
  • You can connect to the in-flight Wi-Fi using Wi-Fi-supported mobile phones, tablets, or laptops.
  • It is cheaper to purchase a Wi-Fi plan ahead of your flight than to pay onboard flights.
  • Pre-flights and onboard Wi-Fi prices are offered on domestic routes, while Wi-Fi pricing is only onboard on international routes.
  • Another way to save money as a constant flyer is to register an AAdvantage® account and become a member via the airline’s redesigned Wi-Fi site.
  • You can become a member by subscribing to the monthly payment plan of $49.95 per month (for a single device) or $59.95 per month (for two devices) using your AAdvantage® account and saved credit card details.
  • The improved monthly American Airlines Wi-Fi payment plan cuts across all aircraft equipped with Gogo, Panasonic, and Viasat satellite-based Wi-Fi.
  • The plan also covers only aircraft flying domestic routes within the United States or flights connecting the United States and Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, or Central America, where Wi-Fi coverage is obtainable.
  • Wi-Fi on international flights comes with different pricing options.
  • You can still purchase Wi-Fi plans as a guest if you do not have an AAdvantage® account.
  • The monthly American Airlines payment plan is non-refundable and automatically renewable on the same day of purchase.
  • Cancel your subscription at least two days before your monthly repayment date to avoid paying for the next monthly period.
  • You can get refunded when still charged if you cancel your subscription just before your monthly repayment date.
  • Phones calls and other voice-overs are not supported onboard.
  • Go to the FAQs to get more details on Wi-Fi services on American Airlines.

In-flight Entertainment On American Airlines

As American Airlines retrofitted its aircraft with top-speed satellite-based Wi-Fi, it also made some adjustments to its in-flight entertainment system. It removed seatback screens on some of the aircraft. Passengers on these aircraft can only connect to the system with their devices.

The airline has a vast expanse of entertainment options for its passengers entirely for free. All movies, audios, music videos, TV shows,  live TV channels, and more are available on all Wi-Fi-equipped aircraft via seatback screens or by downloading the American Airlines app on your devices.

Furthermore, American Airlines is the only airline offering the Apple TV+ channel onboard its fleets. The Apple TV+ channel provides Apple Original movies and Apple Music. Apple Music is only accessible on aircraft with Viasat Wi-Fi and requires its subscription before use.

Steps to connect to the in-flight entertainment system:

  • Download the free American Airlines App on your device before boarding.
  • Join the “AA-Inflight” Wi-Fi network.
  • If not linked directly, go to your browser and search ‘aainflight.com’
  • Click on “View free entertainment” or the entertainment box.
  • Choose your movie, Live TV, or TV show.

American Airlines also offers lifestyle channels featuring Rosetta Stone and Skillshare for those who wish to learn new skills while flying. Games are also available on the entertainment options.

Click on See what’s playing on your flight and follow the link to check what entertainment you will get on your flight.

Note that the entertainment options are entirely free on American Airlines and do not require purchasing a Wi-Fi plan.

Most Asked Questions

Does American Airlines Have Free Wi-Fi?

No. American Airlines offer paid in-flight Wi-Fi service onboard its fleets.

Which credit cards are supported?

Discover, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, or VISA credit cards are accepted.
Ensure your credit card has a US billing address.

Can I Stream Movies On Netflix On American Airlines?

Yes. Streaming on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, e.t.c. is supported on the in-flight Wi-Fi.


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