AirAsia Baggage Allowance, Weight, Fees & Restrictions

You must be aware of the ticket price and other details before embarking on any trip or holiday. So that you can have an incredible time during your entire tour. It largely depends on your trip companions. If you’re traveling with friends or family, the subject of how much luggage you can bring must be on your mind!! As a result, this data is for you.

Do you want to know how much weight you can carry? Normally Air Asia provides a 7 kg carry-on bag for all pax. and in case of a checked bag, 20 to 40 kg complimentary checked bag is provided depending on the passenger’s flight package. Now if you want to carry more weight or cross the luggage limit then you have to pay an extra charge for that.

AirAsia Free Baggage Allowance:

This mainly depends on your seat or the type of their packages. AirAsia has three types of packages they are: 

  • Value Pack 
  • Premium Pack 
  • Premium Flat-Bed

Air Asia Checked-in Baggage:

Air Asia does not have any checked baggage for free. You can get complimentary checked baggage if you are a passenger of value pack, premium flex, premium flat or you travel from Dhaka to Kuala Lumpur. otherwise, Pax have to purchase checked baggage at the time of ticketing.

      Package Information    Weight Allowance 
  Value Pack-Bundle           20 kg
  Premium Flex           20 kg
   Premium Flat-Bed           40 kg
 Flights between Dhaka- Kuala Lumpur            30 kg

AirAsia Hand-bag or Carry-on Bag:

Handbags are the most important carry-on baggage for you. Right? Want to know more about hand baggage? See the points below.

  • Passengers can carry two bags in their cabin baggage. Both must be in 7 kgs. 
  • One handbag with their personal important belongings,
  • Other for their laptop, and electric devices. 

AirAsia Checked Bag For Children (2-12 years)

Children will also get complimentary baggage if they buy the following class ticket.

Package Information    Weight Allowance 
 Value Pack-Bundle           20 kg
 Premium Flex           20 kg
  Premium Flat-Bed           40 kg
 Flights between Dhaka- Kuala Lumpur           30 kg
  • They can carry handbags on their trip. 
  • The weight of the handbag should not cross over 7kg.

AirAsia Hand Bag For Infants (0-2 years)

As they cannot do anything without their parental support, they have to carry their belongings with their parents. 

  • They cannot carry any kind of checked-in baggage. 
  • They also cannot carry any kind of handbag either. 
  • Their strollers can be carried free of charge. 

AirAsia Extra Baggage Charge

If any customer wants to carry extra luggage, they can carry the luggage but they have to pay an extra charge for that. The charge depends on your routes and your bookings. 

  • You can carry extra checked-in baggage.
  • You can also carry extra carry-on hand baggage.  
  • Few charges are applicable for that extra baggage.

Domestic Route

These are the flights within a specific country’s borderline. Passengers or cargo transportation can be handled through airline companies.  

Checked-in baggage Fees during booking:

                      KG                 Fee (In USD )
                        15 KG                Free
                       20 KG                 $ 26.53 
                       25 KG                 $ 53.10
                       30 KG                 $ 79.64
                        40 KG                  $ 132.70

Checked-in Baggage Fees after Booking:

                      KG                 Fee (In USD)
                       15 kg                 Free
                       20 kg                 $26.53 
                       25 kg                 $ 53.10
                       30 kg                 $ 79.64
                       40 kg                $132.70

International Route:

These routes are basically routed between the US and other territories. 

Baggage Fees During initial booking:

                  KG             Fee (In USD)
                     20 kg               $ 50
                     40 kg                $ 90

Baggage Fees After initial booking:

                     KG               Fee ( In USD )
                      20 kg                     $ 59
                      40 kg                    $ 105

Extra Carry on hand baggage:

If you want to carry more hand baggage on your flight, you can also add extra baggage by paying extra carry-on charges. It’s only applicable for selected flights and a limited number of passengers. 

  • Not all Flight members can add the Extra carry-on. 
  • Extra Carry on is only available in China, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Maldives, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Macau.

Medical Equipment Allowance:

AirAsia accepts all of your medicines if they are prescribed by your doctor, and you can take those with you. 

  • If you want to carry a wheelchair you have to confirm them before the flight starts (minimum 4 hours before). This will help you to face any kind of problem. 
  • You have to carry your prescription if you have a serious issue. 
  • If a passenger has a communicable disease or condition that could be transmitted to the passengers then the passenger has to show the prescription and proof that it is not infectious to the other passengers. 

Change of Schedule:

If any kind of unwanted situation occurs after your booking has been made such as bad weather, rescheduling, postponement, or cancellation, Air Asia will help you through it: 

  • The Airline will manage any near flight for you, they will help you to catch up with the next flight. Without any additional charges. 
  • The Airline will retain the value of your fare in a credit account for your next trip. If you choose to travel at another time, provided that you must re-book within the time and the Airline will contact you.   
  • The airline will refund you if you don’t want to continue with your trip after the change of schedule. They will refund you in your bank= account which you will provide them. They ensure that you get the refund within three hours. 


What should you do if you want to carry extra luggage?

You can go through the list where you can see the charge applicable per kg of weight. Then you can have an idea about extra luggage.

Can I carry any liquid on the Airline?

Yes! You can carry liquid on Airlines. But not more than 100m

Can infants carry baby strollers without any kind of charge?

They can carry baby strollers without charge as they are not allowed to carry any other checked-in luggage or handbags. 

How can I track my luggage? 

Downloading the AirAsia Airlines app to your smartphone is the most convenient way to track your baggage. After that, you must open the app, sign in to your account, and fill out the required fields. The app will show you where your luggage is.

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