Air Transat Wi-Fi: A-Z Details That You Need To Know

The Canadian budget airline Air Transat operates flights mainly between Canada & Europe. This airline operates flights to Central American destinations too. Air Transat is Canada’s largest airline regarding Canada-based leisure airline.

This airline provides various services but not Wi-Fi-based internet access on board. Rather The Air Transat Wi-Fi is available for inflight entertainment in certain aircraft like the Airbus A321. Using the inflight Wi-Fi, you can’t browse the internet.

Now let’s look at the details about Air Transat inflight entertainment, how to connect it etc. If one topic ahead catches your attention, feel free to jump on that discussion:

Air Transat Airlines Details

Airlines Name Air Transat 
Country Canada 
Founding Year 1986
Airline Address Air Transat. 5959 Cote-Vertu Blvd, Montreal, Quebec, H4S 2E6, Canada
Headquarters Montreal, Canada 
Contact Number  1 – 877 – (872 – 6728) (Available – 24/7)
AOCCanada – 5311, USA – ATFF123F
Call sign  AIR TRANSAT 
Wi-FiOnly for entertainment purposes the Inflight Wi-Fi is available.
Social MediaFacebook

Air Transat Inflight Wi-Fi Service

Certain aircraft of Air Transat have inflight Wi-Fi facilities like the Airbus A321 aircraft. On your Wi-Fi-enabled device, including smartphones, tablets, etc., you can use Wi-Fi.

The inflight Wi-Fi facility is available in Air Transat only for entertainment purposes. That means using the Wi-Fi, you will be able to enjoy entertainment. The entire Air Transat Aircraft don’t have a Wi-Fi facility.

How To Connect Air Transat Wi-Fi At Airbus A321?

The inflight entertainment system of Airbus A321 features TV shows, movies, and games. Directly you can enjoy all these on your tablet or phone by connecting the Wi-Fi. After takeoff of the flight, to connect to the Air Transat Wi-Fi at Airbus A321, follow the easy steps below:

  • Firstly switch your smartphone or tablet to airplane mode
  • Then turn on the Air Transat Wi-Fi connection on your device. After turning on the Wi-Fi select “Air Transat.”
  • Afterward, go to by opening your web browser.
  • If you are an Air Transat app user, then click on “Access Entertainment” in the entertainment section.


Is there Wi-Fi on the Air Transat plane?

Yes! The inflight Wi-Fi access is available for entertainment purposes only at Airbus A321 and other certain aircraft.

Does Air Transat have TV screens?

The CinePlus app of Air Transat allows you to enjoy inflight entertainment from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Does Air Transat have phone chargers?

Air Transat, the Montreal-based leisure carrier, has the selected USB charging system.

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