Air Arabia Wi-Fi: SkyTime & Inflight Entertainment Guide 2024 [Completely FREE]

Air Arabia is a low-fare airline serving the United Arab Emirates. Sharjah International Airport is the primary base of Air Arabia. Ras Al Khaimah and Abu Dhabi international airports are other hubs of Air Arabia. The airline has scheduled flights to over 170 destinations around the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, North Africa, Asia, and Europe. Air Arabia has onboard wifi for wireless inflight streaming across most of its fleet. 

A glance at Air Arabia

Name Air Arabia
Alliance Arab Air Carriers Organization
HeadquartersSharjah International Airport, United Arab Emirates
HubSharjah International Airport
Parent CompanyAir Arabia PJSC
Inflight Wi-FiYes 
Passenger Destinations170
Operating Aircraft43
Social MediaFacebook

Air Arabia Inflight WiFi Service: SkyTime

Air Arabia provides free inflight wifi connection to all passengers to stream a wide selection of movies, games, documentaries, audiobooks, and music. Passengers can enjoy all the latest content from their own device through the Air Arabia inflight wifi ‘SkyTime’ without installing any apps. However, passengers can not use any social media or do browsing using the Air Arabia inflight wifi. It only supports inflight entertainment streaming on Air Arabia’s own platform ‘SkyTime’.

How to connect to Air Arabia Inflight wifi?

Air Arabia’s inflight wifi gives passengers free access to the inflight streaming service ‘SkyTime’ where passengers can enjoy all the latest movies, and tv-series as well as can get tips about travelling to local cities. The Air Arabia inflight wifi connection is free of cost. Simply follow the steps:

  • Enable flight mode on your device
  • Turn on wifi
  • Search for the SSID ‘SkyTime’
  • Connect to the network
  • Open your default browser and go to the website ‘’
  • Log in by giving all the necessary information.
  • Enjoy unlimited streaming!

Air Arabia Inflight Entertainment:

Passengers can enjoy pre-selected movies, world recalls, sporting adventures, comedy series, and many other tv programs on Air Arabia’s inflight entertainment system. Air Arabia has a unique onboard program “Fun Onboard” which includes Q&A sessions on board, drawing, and face-painting activities for kids, quizzes, etc. 

Frequently Asked Question:

Does Air Arabia have inflight wifi?

Air Arabia has inflight wifi that gives passengers access to the inflight entertainment server ‘SkyTime’.

Can I stream Netflix using Air Arabia inflight wifi?

No, Air Arabia inflight wifi does not support any third-party streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, etc. 

Can I use social media using Air Arabia inflight wifi?

No, Passengers can not use Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media apps using the Air Arabia inflight wifi. 

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