Air Arabia Baggage Allowance, Size, Weight & Extra Baggage Fees 2023

Are you planning to book a ticket for an Air Arabia flight? If you are you should have a grasp of all the knowledge and information that you can get regarding the baggage allowance and restrictions imposed by the airline authorities.

Air Arabia is generous when it comes to baggage allowances. For economic seats, it has a complimentary allowance of a single carry-on with dimensions that should not exceed 55cm x 40cm x 20cm (22in x 16in x 8in). This site includes all the extra pockets, wheels, and handles in the bag. The total weight of the carry-on must be below 10 kg.

Air Arabia Carry-on Baggage Allowance

Air Arabia offers the same complimentary carry-on allocations for all seating classes. The carry-on baggage specifications have been noted below:

  • The total dimensions of the standard bag must not exceed 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. This includes the wheels, handles, and other auxiliary parts.
  • The weight of the bag cannot exceed 10 kg.
  • In addition, you are also allowed to take along a small handbag or laptop bag with important documents, a laptop, or baby food if needed.
  • Please be aware that liquid that exceeds 100 ml in bottle size cannot be taken abroad. If you must, pack it in a Ziploc bag.

Air Arabia Checked Baggage Allowance

Air Arabia doesn’t have a number restriction on the amount of baggage that you will get to check in. Every passenger is eligible to take along 20 kg weight worth of bags with them to be checked in. In addition, the total dimension of each bag must not exceed 160 cm. This applies to all passengers of all seating classes.

There is an exception in the case that you are traveling between Egypt and UAE. In such cases, you will be allowed to take a complimentary 30 kg weighing bag instead of the 20 kg for Economy classes. Business classes are upgraded to 40 kg.   

Air Arabia Rules for Minors

If you have a minor with you who is below 3 years old, no baggage will be applicable for this child. If the child is above 3 but below 6 only a single standard carry-on bag is allocated under his/her name. Regular baggage allocation will be allowed for children above 6 years of age.

Air Arabia Excess Baggage Fee

If you need to take bags that exceed the 20 kg complimentary weight, you should contact the airline authority beforehand so that you can get a 90 percent discount.

 After you contact them, they will give you weight tags ranging from 20 kg, 30 kg, and 40 kg. The price for these tags differs from each other depending on the route that you are taking. The most common prices that are charged are:

  • 20kg at AED30 per passenger one way.
  • 30kg at AED100 per passenger one way.
  • 40kg at AED180 per passenger one way.

 Do make sure that none of these extra begs weighs more than 32 kg individually or crosses the maximum dimension of 160 cm.  

Air Arabia Restricted Items 

Do note that you are not allowed to take any sort of liquid other than water when you are flying with Arabia. In addition, there are some other banned items and contrabands that have been restricted in accordance with the airport rules. These items are applicable for your checked-in baggage and carry-on bags.

  • Anything sharp or pointy that could cause puncture or damage to anyone or thing. No knives are allowed inside.
  • Chemicals or Poisonous fluids including pesticides, as well as shampoos, detergents, and other similar substances.
  • Matchboxes and lighters or any sort of fire-hazardous objects of any type cannot be in any of your bags.
  • Stunning devices like tasers and batons can stun and harm the human body.
  • Any sort of drugs or medicine, unless you have a doctor’s prescription to prove your need for them.
  • Large electrical devices like hoverboards, e-bikes, solo wheels, balance wheels, etc.
  • No fruits can be carried either in your bag or on your person. It is prohibited even in liquid form.  
  • Delicate items like jewelry and glassware could break easily on the least contact.
  • Radioactive or oxidizing materials.
  • Medicines and drugs unless you have the right prescription to prove that you need them.

Air Arabia Other Special Items

If you have other items like musical instruments or sports equipment the airline will transport them in the same way as the checked baggage as long as they meet the requirements that have been imposed on the baggage.

If the special equipment that you are going to take with you exceeds or does not meet the policy of the checked bags, you can pass them in the cargo channel. The types of products that are carried by the airline cargo transportation service include:

  • Sport equipment
  • Musical equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Stroller, buggy, etc.
  • Human remains
  • Post box mail.
  • Company materiel.
  • Bicycle as long as it is not electric. If you have e-bikes remove and separate the battery.

The items that are not accepted into the cargo service are:

  • Pets and live animals.
  • Meat raw or cooked.
  • Liquid items.

Air Arabia Pets Policy

If you have a pet then it is too bad, since Air Arabia doesn’t have any special policies for pet transportation. The only exception is if you have a falcon with you. In such cases, the falcon will only be accepted onboard if:

  • A space must be reserved 48 hours in advance of your fight.
  • Payment must be made that is triple that of other excess checked baggage.
  • The seating arrangement for such passengers will be towards the rear away from the exit.
  • More than one falcon per handler requires the booking of extra seats.
  • A maximum of two falcons will be allowed if you book one single seat.


What to do if you lose an item from your baggage?

If you lose the item from your carry-on contact the air hostesses immediately. If it’s from a checked baggage contact the lost and found department within 48 hours.

What is the complimentary baggage weight allocated for check-in?

A weight of 20 kg is allowed free of charge for all passengers in every route other than between Egypt and UAE in which case the weight given is increased.

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